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JMAR - AAA Journal of Management Accounting Research, Sarasota, Florida. 851 likes.Journal of Applied ManagementAccounting Research (Summer): 9-26.In this chapter, we review management accounting research in the hospitality sector, focusing on hotels and the ancillary activities, especially restaurants and bars.Predicting Corporate Bankruptcy Risk in Australia: A Latent Class Analysis.

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Applying Disruptive Technologies to Audited Financial Statements.Journal of Applied ManagementAccounting Research (Summer): 65-78.AbstractInformation from the Port Authorities that make up the Spanish Port System before and after the implementation of the Balanced Scorecard has been used to analyse whether changes in management accounting play a role in international markets by.

AbstractThe purpose of this study is to understand how regulatory uncertainty associated with the Australian Federal government initiatives towards establishing a carbon pricing scheme has affected the perceptions and management of risks related to carbon.As a rough overview, early accounting research (pre-1960s) was mostly normative (i.e., arguing.Journal of Applied ManagementAccounting Research (Summer): 39-50.

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IntroductionGiven a highly competitive environment, companies must manage costs properly, especially at the new product development (NPD) stage, if they want to survive.Introducing the Urban Metabolism Approach for a Sustainable City: A Case of Jakarta, Indonesia.AbstractThis research examines how the use of nonfinancial performance measures for employee performance evaluation affects three employee outcomes - procedural fairness, job satisfaction and organisational commitment.The results, based on a sample of.

Journal of Applied ManagementAccounting Research (Winter): 1-12. (Addresses the question of whether.Kelly, M. and M. Alam. 2008. Management accounting and the stakeholder value model.The concept of urban metabolism perceives a city as a living organism.Journal of Applied ManagementAccounting Research (Summer): 33-58.AbstractThis paper examines the relationship between voluntary disclosure and several attributes of corporate governance using data from the annual reports of companies listed on the Dhaka Stock Exchange (DSE) in 2011.

However, relatively little research has been conducted on the factors which affect perceived.Beyond Ceremony: The Impact of Local Wisdom on Public Participation in Local Government Budgeting.Why would a firm evaluate employees on one measure but reward them on the basis of another conflicting measure.Abel-Maksoud, A. and M. Kawam. 2009. Relationships amongstvalue creating variables in an international freight forwarding andlogistics firm: Testing for causality.Selto University of Colorado at Boulder and University of Melbourne.This paper focuses on the adoption of TDABC to assess the economic viability of two commonly used composting systems for.Mismatch in the Design of Performance Measures: A Solution for Managing Conflicting Organisational Goals.Abdel-Kader, 9780230252370, available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

Kerler, W. A. III., C. D. Allport and A. S. Fleming. 2015. Impact of extreme.Journal of Applied ManagementAccounting Research (Winter): 75-88.

AbstractThis paper examines the economic rationale behind an unusual field study finding with the help of agency theory.Your source for management ideas and insights, delivered to your inbox.Journal of Applied ManagementAccounting Research (Winter): 1-15.

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Dr Michael Lucas and Professor Malcolm Prowle Open University Mr Glynn Lowth.The Application of Time-Driven Activity-Based Costing in the Hospitality Industry: An Exploratory Case Study.

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Journal of Applied ManagementAccounting Research (Summer): 1-10.The Impact of Management Accounting Systems on International Markets: Theory and Evidence Using the Balanced Scorecard Approach.Journal of Applied ManagementAccounting Research (Winter): 35-42.Butterworth, S., N. Subramaniam and M. M. S. Phang. 2015. Carbon risk.IntroductionThis technical note is about the consistency principle in calculating present value of changes in working capital as part of cash flow analysis.

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Examining the Interaction Effect of Cost Information Types and Strategy on the Effectiveness of New Product Development: An Experimental Study.Some reflections on the archetypes in cost accounting: An exploratory study.Journal of Applied ManagementAccounting Research (Summer): 55-70.Journal of Applied ManagementAccounting Research (Summer): 17-28.Mahfar and Omar (2004) stated that management accounting form an integral part of the management process in an organization, where it provides essential information to.This is because for some companies, product cost is mostly predetermined during.