Read by QxMD helps you keep up-to-date with groundbreaking research in your area of practice.The system was introduced in January 2008 by Thomson Reuters.You can exchange data between ORCID and ResearcherID, including your profile information and your publication list.

A high rank means that this website does not get lots of visitors.The Scopus Author ID helps author recognition and disambiguation when searching publications.This unique identifier aims at solving the problem of author is a large researcher social network and connects scholars to each other.Measuring your research impact: Web of Science Citation Tools. One problem that ResearcherID addresses is name ambiguity.

ResearcherID provides a solution to the author ambiguity problem within the scholarly.

Free online storage and sharing with 2 GB of storage and 2 GB of bandwidth per month for free.After taking these steps searches on your name will show your profile on top of the results.Privacy settings for the ResearcherID profile are controlled by the individual.This in-depth comparison of and might explain which of these two domains is more popular and has better web stats.

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Sequilab research portal is currently undergoing site maintenance and improvements.Full text publications uploaded to Academica profiles are indexed by Google Scholar.

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Aerosols, Clouds and Climate Benjamin Grandey Menu Skip to content.Each member is assigned a unique identifier to enable researchers to manage their publication lists, track their times cited counts and h-index, identify potential collaborators and avoid author variant issues.

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ResearcherID is a global, multi-disciplinary scholarly research community.

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If you find similarities in author names, consider adding your full middle name or using your middle initial to distinguish it from other authors.

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ResearcherID is a website where researchers can register for a unique researcher ID number and update their profile information, build their publication list, and.

Presence of Bibliometrics, Scientometrics, Informetrics, Webometrics and Altmetrics in the Google Scholar.Authors should use the same variation of their name consistently throughout their academic and research careers.Web of Science Training 2,433 views. 3:50. Author Identifiers in the Web of Science: ResearcherID and.

What is ResearcherID? How can I register for it?

ResearcherID provides a solution to the author ambiguity problem within the scholarly research community.

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Go to Scopus free author lookup and use the author search tab to search for your own name.

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There are several resources to help authors manage unique and consistent author names to ensure that their publications are associated with the correct author.Title: Can the Journal Impact Factor Be Used as a Criterion for the Selection of Junior Researchers.Services and information relating to faculty experience of the library and its resources.You can add papers through a built in search using Microsoft Academic, PubMed, and ArXiv.If you do not yet have a Google account, go to Google and create it.

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