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Asst Professor in Mechanical Engineering at Government Engineering College.Specifying study design Selection of measures: many measure,assessments Eg:self report rating scales for dental anxiety,observations,interviews,stand questionnaires simple rating scale can be given a no.1-strongly agree 2-agree 3-undecided 4-disagree 5-strongly disgree May not exist for the study,this may necessiate the development of new scale. should possess Reliability and validity.The research methodology enabled the team to organize their efforts into one cohesive and conceptual product idea generation task for us.Over a long period, many changes may occur in theenvironment, among individuals or in the type ofintervention, and these may confuse the issue ofassociation and attributable risk.


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Analysis Involves two steps Exposure rates among cases and controls Estimation of disease risk associated with exposure (odds ratio).Positive results: benefit of exp measure----reduced incidence or severity of disease or other appropriate outcomes of study.Selection of cases The criteria for inclusion in the study must be clearly specified.Considerations for selecting cohorts Cohorts must be free from the disease under study both the groups should be equally susceptible to disease under study Both the groups should be comparable in respect of all possible variables, except the assumed risk factors Diagnostic and eligibility criteria of the disease must be defined beforehand.There may also be attrition among investigators who maylose interest, leave for another job, or become involvedin another project.Chapter 4 Methodology in comparative studies concern here is the im Comparative research How m policy (Trade Litton (1983).Research methodology 2 1.3 Definition and characteristics of research Definition: Research is a scientific inquiry aimed at learning new facts, testing ideas, etc.

A discussion to maintain and prove a thesis especially written or delivered by a candidate for university degree- Ph.D.It is an academic activity laid down by the university for the partial fulfillment of MDS degree.Classification of study types-ADA(1970) typeI: complete examination typeII: limited examination Type III: inspection Type IV:screeningprocedures:tongue depressor d) Analysing the data e)Drawing the conclusion f) Publishing the reports.They are very costly in time, personnel, space and patientfollow-up.Selection of comparison groups Internal comparisons: no outside comparision group is required External comparisons: when degree of exposure is not available,ext and non smokers,radiologists and opthamologists.

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Design of a cohort study Time Direction of enquiry Screening to exclude those with the condition Develop Disease a With the characteristic S A M P L E Do not develop disease Population free of condition b Time Develop Disease c Without the characteristic d Do not develop disease.Definition and Purpose Mixed methods research A style of research that uses procedures.

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Considerations to be kept in mind while conducting research: In any research on human beings, each subject must be adequately informed of the aim, methods, anticipated benefits and potential hazards of the study and the discomfort it may entail.Quantitative and qualitative research methods involve very different. presentation format.RESEARCH METHODOLOGY (Business Research Methods) Week 3 29 August 2005 MBA III (Research Methodology) Course Instructor: Dr.

Click on document research methodology.ppt to start downloading. 2shared - Online file upload - unlimited free web space.Questionnaires, interviewing, examination of records or observations Selecting the sample.Approach vs Methodology Approach and methodology are two words that are used by us, to describe the way things are done in an organization.Uses: magnitude and type of disease in community Clues to etiology contributes to research.First Steps Determine if your research questions and methodology fit with electronic research.RESEARCH DESIGN Qualitative, Quantitative. and Mixed Methods Approaches SECOND EDITION. rhetoric of research, and methodology (Creswell, 1994).Randomised controlled trials Non-randomized trials Randomised controlled trials.

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A description of plans to withdraw or withhold standard therapies in the course of research.

Definition of nursing methodology research in the dictionary.Course Resources: What is Research. Policy Research, Action Research, and Interpretive Research in Information Systems Areas.Approach is.Ethnographic research offers an orientation to understand the process and structure of a.Data Collection Methods Pros and Cons of Primary and Secondary Data Where do data come from.Research Methods KINE 5300 Definitions of Research The main goal of research is the gathering and interpreting of information to answer questions (Hyllegard, Mood.

When considering the ethical aspect of health research the following principles should also be kept in mind. (Helsinki declaration).Unlike case-control studies, cohort studies provide thepossibility of estimating attributable risks, thus indicating the absolute magnitude of disease attributable to the risk factor.For research carrying more than minimal risk, an account of plans to provide medical therapy for such risk or injury or toxicity due to over dosage should be included.Introduction Investigation using scientific procedures, by searching again and again to find out the truth Research is the continual search for truth using the scientific method.An application should be submitted to the ethics committee in the following manner Clear research objectives and rationale for undertaking the investigation in human subjects in the light of existing knowledge.

Precise description of methodology of the proposed research, including intended dosage of drugs, planned duration of treatment and details of invasive procedures if any.


Approach and Methodology. provide a firm foundation to the selection of research methodology,. literature review combined with the definition of process.

Procedure for seeking and obtaining informed consent with sample of patient information sheet and informed consent forms in English and regional languages.The most serious problem is that of attrition, which can affect the validity of the conclusion, if it renders the samples less representative, or if the people who become unavailable are different from those actually followed up.

Inclusion and exclusion criteria for entry of subjects in the study.

Obtaining data on exposure Information can be obtained from Cohorts Review of records Medical examination or special tests Environmental surveys Information about exposure should facilitate classification of cohort members According to whether or not they were exposed According to the degree of exposure.It is an exercise to train a PG student to plan, execute, evaluate, write and report a scientific project.At least a third of the papers discuss some aspect of case study methodology.Ethical principles Non-malificence Benificience Veracity or truthfulness Autonomy Justice Confidentiality.